Maximum Weight Loss Fact or fiction?

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Maximum or Dramatic Weight LossWith the weight loss world full of scams, fake advertising and bogus online companies, a typical weight loss or fitness enthusiast is left with only few choices but to believe in those promises of “maximum weight loss”.

One of such promises is to produce or deliver maximum weight loss which is also sometimes known as the dramatic weight loss phenomenon.

However, the million dollar question is, does it really work? And if it does, is it maintainable and, even more important, is it healthy and safe?

Defining dramatic / maximum weight loss

There is no particular or recommended definition of the so called dramatic or maximum weight loss. For the sake of understanding, however, you can assume that any weight loss associated with sudden, acute or dramatic weight loss results within a few days or weeks’ time can be defined as a dramatic or maximum weight loss.

In simple terms, any product, method or tip that shows or makes “a promise that seems too good to be true” for weight loss can be considered as a “dramatic weight loss” scam.

Examples of dramatic weight loss promises

Following are some of the typical examples of such fake or false promises.

  • Stay fit FOREVER…
  • Lose 10 lbs in week WITHOUT DIET or EXERCISE
  • The “NUMBER 1″ supplement in the “weight loss world”
  • Lose weight OVERNIGHT…

As you can clearly see and notice from the above-mentioned examples and the words in “CAPS”, these statements definitely seem too good to be true.

What if these promises are actually true?

On the other hand, if you finally get your hands on one of such “miracle pills, wonder work outs or crash diets” and eventually lose weight, there is no guarantee that you would be able to maintain those benefits permanently or even for months or years.

Consume less fat with Proactol Plus!In most of such cases, as soon as you stop using that specific supplement, workout or diet plan, all of the so called weight loss and finesse benefits are reversed and you actually gain back all the weight that you had lost within the past few weeks.

This not only degrades your moral and fitness enthusiasm but also betrays your trust in all the weight loss supplements regardless of their quality, safety and effectiveness. Hence, you eventually deprave yourself of even genuine weight loss pills, fat burners, weight loss patches and drinks that are completely natural and safe.

Weight loss supplements that take a healthy and sensible approach to losing weight such as Proactol Plus, may not grab your attention as much as hyped up claims from inferior supplements. Then again such claims are mostly that, just claims and have little substance!


All in all, when it comes to achieving that ideal figure, optimal shape and perfect fitness level, you must remember that your health and safety must be your first priority. Also, while there are no set standard criteria to define dramatic weight loss, this marketing phenomenon is often easily recognizable with the help of certain promises which all seem too good to be true.

However, when it comes to achieving fitness and nutrition goals, your first priority must be your health and safety even before your desired objectives of weight loss. After all, as the old saying goes, all that glitters is not gold; you should rather focus on something realistic, reasonable and achievable.

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