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Fenphedra bottleFenphedra claims to be a “High Performance Weight Loss Formula” and yet only contains mild stimulants, balanced with a mood enhancer to improve your sense of well being.

Fenphedra has apparently discovered the key to long term weight loss success, to combat the constant battle that occurs in the hypothalamus in your brain. This YIN-YANG battle in the brain is between two camps labelled CART ( ‘the good guy’ ) and NPY ( ‘the villian’ ) – more on this later!

Although consumer reviews look good, we expose the truth behind this fat burner in our Fenphedra Review.

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Fenphedra at a glance

Fenphedra claim it is one of the best weight loss products in the world and consumers testimonials certainly appear to back up that weight loss is possible. We take a look at the pros and cons of Fenphedra:

  • None
  • Expensive fat burner – RRP is $179.95!!!
  • Caffeine based fat burner
  • No refunds for open bottles

Fenphedra ingredients

The ingredients in Fenphedra fall into two types. The first the C-A-R-T activators (the Good guy) that are essential stimulates to increase metabolism. The second are called NP-Y inhibitors (the Bad guy) that is designed to decrease metabolism, decrease body temperature and increase appetite.

  • C-A-R-T Inhibitors
    • Dicaffeine malate – similar to caffeine, stimulates thermogenisis and increases energy
    • Synephrine HCI – similar to the now banned ephedra, strong stimulant
    • Chocamine – strong mood enhancer, reduces stress and has thermogenic properties
    • Phenylethylamine (PEA) – mood enhancer and promotes feelings of fullness
  • NP-Y Inhibitor
    • Humulus Lupus – mild stimulant that is then followed by a calming effect

Fenphedra side effects

Fenphedra contains caffeine so if you sensitive to stimulants you may experience minor side effects such as restlessness and mild insomnia.

Summary of Fenphedra

Fenphedra has no information regarding any clinical trials undertaken by their product and so we can only conclude there is no or little scientific evidence that Fenphedra works! Weight loss claims seem to be based from consumer feedback and on its own is not the most reliable source, it is certainly not clinical evidence.

In our opinion Fenphedra are attempting to jump on the success and notoriety of Ephedra in promoting their product -even the name is based on it.

We found no information on the company behind Fenphedra expect an email address exists on their website. This does not give you too much confidence if you need to talk to them!

We would not recommend Fenphedra as we do not believe this fat burner can guarantee you the weight loss you are after. Instead take a look at our recommended fat burner – Phen375 that we believe offers you the best option for guaranteed weight loss, side-effect free!

Our overall rating for Fenphedra is 1 out of 5
Fenphedra bottle


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Clinically proven:

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Overall Rating:

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