Apidexin – Worlds Strongest Fat Burner?

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Apidexin bottleApidexin promises a blend of 8 powerful ingredients that will help you lose weight by burning more fat and making you leaner.

The manufacturers make bold claims that Apidexin is stronger than some prescription weight loss drugs and can help you lose 4-7 pounds of fat each week, with little extra effort.

Can Apidexins world beating ingredients help you burn fat? We find out the truth in our Apidexin review.

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Apidexin at a glance

Some good customer feedback from Apidexin and tests confirm that some of the individual ingredients have positive effects for fat burning. So Apidexin looks like a credible fat burning pill that can really get you lean – Wrong! Here are the pros and cons of Apidexin:

  • Includes Forslean, a powerful herb
  • Good discounts for bulk buying + free DetoxuFREE72 supplement
  • No scientific trials on Apidexin, only on some of the individual ingredients
  • Proprietary amounts of caffeine may cause side effects in some people
  • Little is known about the manufacturer

Apidexin ingredients

Some of the ingredients in Apidexin are not too similar to the patented blend of ingredients in Adipril. The main ingredient is ForsLean, also known as the “power herb” and is thought to increases lean body mass, and decreases body fat content.

  • ForsLean – patented for its ability to increase lean muscle tissue
  • Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate – similar to caffeine, stimulates thermogenisis and increases energy
  • Fucoxanthin – increases metabolic rate through thermogenesis
  • Guggul EZ-100 – lowers blood cholesterol levels
  • Lipolide-SC – supports an increase in the rate of fat burning
  • Razberi-K – supposedly has ability to support fat reduction
  • Thermodiamine – works to reduce the update of fat and provides increase in natural fat burning
  • Bioperine – black pepper extract that enhances the bodies natural thermogenic activit

Side effects of Apidexin

There appear to be no reported side effects from taking Apidexin, although if you are sensitive to stimulants you should be aware that some amounts of proprietary caffeine exists.

Summary of Apidexin

The list of ingredients certainly look good in Apidexin and clearly focused around burning fat by increasing your metabolic rate. Although some of the ingredients have been shown to work in isolation there is no scientific evidence that Apidexin works!

Be aware that Apidexin contents a proprietary blend of caffeine!!!

We also could find very little information about the manufacturer which does not give you much confidence should you need to get in touch with them.

To be sure of getting the weight loss you are after we would suggest looking at alternative fat burners that have been clinically proven to really work. Consider using pharmacy grade ingredients that are not based on temporarily acting ingredients like caffeine.

Our overall rating for Apidexin is 2 out of 5
Apidexin bottle


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Overall Rating:

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