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Adipex pillsAdipex is prescription only weight loss supplement (US, Canada & Europe) and has also been known as Phentermine.

Taking Adipex whilst under doctor supervision you can expect experience steady weight loss of between 2-5lbs per week.

Important: Adipex can only be prescribed when BMI of a person is above 30 and user is aged between 19-64 years old.

Adipex at a glance

Adipex, or Phentermine as it is also known, is a drug that suppresses appetite and is often developed in a way to slowly release its ingredients to prolong the effects.

The availability of Adipex is restricted due to the potency of this drug and high number of side effects associated with its use. As such, doctors will most likely only prescribe Apidex in as last case scenario if at all, considering the number of other safer weight loss drugs on the market.

  • Extensive clinical trials
  • Prescription only – requires medical supervision
  • Long list of unpleasant side-effects – possibility of further medical complications
  • Usage restricted by age (19-64 year old) and consumption (only 12 months)

Adipex ingredient

Adipex (Phentermine) is also known as an amphetamine and is considered a controlled drug. For more information please visit the MedlinePlus website.

Adipex side effects

There is a long list of side-effects with Adipex, namely:

Insomnia ,Hypertension, Irritability, Nervousness, Euphoria, Dry mouth, Unpleasant taste, Blurred vision ,Heartburn/Acid reflux ,Changes in libido ,Clumsiness ,Confusion , Diarrhea ,Dizziness ,Headache ,Arrhythmia ,Nausea or vomiting ,Psychosis ,Skin rash or itching ,Stomach pain ,Fatigue ,Pupil dilation ,Convulsions (seizures) ,Dizziness ,Fever ,Hallucinations ,Hostility with urge to attack ,Irregular blood pressure ,Lightheadedness or fainting, Periods of mania followed by period of depression ,Tremors, trembling or shaking ,Overactive reflexes ,Panic ,Restlessness ,Severe nausea, vomiting or diarrhea ,Stomach cramps ,Weakness, palpitations, restlessness, insomnia, psychological dependence.

List of common Adipex trade names on the market

Adipex has been used in a number of other weight loss drugs on the market, such as:

Adipex , Adipex P ,Adipex ,Anoxine-AM, I onamin , Duromine , Metermine , Mirapront ,Obephen ,Obermine ,Obestin-30 , Phentremene, Phentrol , Phenterex ,Phentromin , Pro-Fast SA, Redusa ,Panbesy ,Phentermine Trenker ,Obenix ,Oby-Trim ,Teramine ,Zantryl ,Sinpet (MX) ,Supremin (PH) ,Umine (NZ) ,Weltmine (KP).

Summary of Adipex

Upon initially looking at Adipex and other leading weight loss pills that are available via prescription or over the counter, such as Phen375, there appear to be similarities; both are referenced in many weight loss communities for acting as strong appetite suppressants and encouraging healthy lifestyle and providing a steady weight loss of between 3-5lbs per week.

When looking at how Adipex in more detail though you soon discover the number of side effects and restrictions of taking Adipex!

With so many concerns, side effects, guidelines and restrictions with Adipex it is difficult to see why anyone would take it. In our opinion the negatives mean you pay a huge price in using Adipex, with the large number of side-effects too many to ignore.

If you want a weight loss solution that is risk-free and free from complications that come with no know side effects when taken as directed we would suggest looking at safer over the counter alternatives, such as Phen375.

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